Saturday, September 16, 2006


I handwrote this morning, leaving P. in his bed, because his computer is down with some kind of viral infection. But I don't have time to copy it into the blog yet. I will later. I just wrote my mentor from I don't know anything about her yet, but she seems to be such a wonderful person, so calm and together.

I love my apartment. Out of all the people I know in the Netherlands, I have by far the best place to live, especially considering the s***holes that most foriegners and even Dutch have to resort too. But I have new neighbours upstairs, 2 girls, and there is more noise now that I'd like. Before, i could just sit in my living room quitely, but now there always seem to be footsteps and even voices that carry through. I have no idea how quiet I myself am, but I do know that when a single guy was living there I used to hear him a lot less. Still, it's an awsome place, and nothing remains static I guess in life, you can't expect peace and quiet to last forever. They don't do anything concrete (that I can discern) so i can't really complain. Their floorboards sure creak though. A little music takes care of that, but I find it annoying. Still I am very lucky to live in a normal (and beautiful) apartment and not one of these housemilking schemes the Dutch are infamous for, and for very little money. I'd just like to keep things as they were is all. They could be much worse though.

Have to run (literally), but I will be back