Monday, November 06, 2006

Forces of Evil

Abstinence-based against evidence-based

Last night I saw Borat being "redeemed" by crazy Baptists in the American Midwest, the same people that call the shots in the US, Israel, and basically in the rest of the world. Whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, whether religious or secular, even educated or self proclaimed liberal, they have one thing in common - they do not want to acknowledge that people have and enjoy sex, and they think that as long as they shout loud and hard, no one will notice as another prostitute sneaks into their hotel room, as they download another porn, as they fantasize about another fornication they don't dare to reach out for.

In my bedroom, I am hoarding drugs. But how long can I do that for? The drugs have an expiry date.

Self-proclaimed "experts" bring their personal views on sex and what can and cannot be done to internet forums, the TV, the media, while the scientists who discovered what AIDS was are trying to keep up with the virus mutations. The people that work in prevention and treatment and research are busy working, while the amateurs are free to spread the infectious seeds of their ignorance.

Why don't you close all 45 million of us in concentration camps and leave us to die? Castrate us so we don't fuck? Make condoms illegal?

I hate YOU - and if you feel that it is YOU I am talking about, then you are damn right. We are all doomed to die anyway, and when you reach your demise from whatever reason eventually, ask your rightousness and your moralistic preachings for comfort.

Be ashamed.

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