Sunday, February 03, 2008

ICP 2.8


I am honored to feature the new edition of the International Carnival of Positivities, as usual, graciously assembled by Ron.
The links in the Carnival are mostly categorized according to their writers' own classification.
I've been trying to write some kind of adequate intro to this ICP for a while, to no avail. Just honored to be a small part of this really. And if you feel like me, please let the authors know. Even a little comment can mean an awful lot.


Edwin at Criminal HIV Transmission, a "collection of published news stories about criminal HIV exposure/transmission cases around the world, and other relevant material", presents Australia: SA judge may relax Stuart McDonald's onerous bail conditions.

"Funding for HIV research is higher than for any other virus. But is it in the right places?" - Dr. Dave Wessner presents HIV Research Funding, posted at The AIDS Pandemic.

On Women's Health News, Rachel presents Newsweek Gets "Gay" MRSA Story Right, CWA Gets it Oh So Wrong. It's about, she says, "how appalling Concerned Women for America's coverage of the 'gay MRSA' story was. It's not HIV-specific, but I think we're seeing a similar overreaction/denial of reality/homophobia with this story".


"The center began a bathing program in which the children were afforded the opportunity to shower every Saturday with soap. In Mwandi, soap is a luxury item that many parents and guardians can not afford". The Plight of AIDS Orphans, by James Hammonds and Dr. Dave Wessner, posted on The AIDS Pandemic.

GayUganda presents GayUganda: Is this genocide?, about gay exclusion from the African HIV picture, posted at GayUganda.

Brian Finch, "a guy who’s turned living with HIV into an envious art form", presents This is the birthplace of my transformation posted on the heartwarming (Acid Reflux: Out in Africa).

"The 17-year-old Bangladeshi has a lot going for her. Mature beyond her age, she had a good understanding of what she has been through, as a daughter of a sex worker, and of how society sees and judges her". Nalaka Gunawardene presents Portraits of Commitment: New face of HIV/AIDS in Asia « Moving Images, Moving People! posted at Moving Images, Moving People!.


“HIV/AIDS is still a threat to both the United States and abroad. Yet America’s approach to this epidemic has been rather flawed given the emphasis placed on ideology over science-based strategies and tactics”. Sean Kosofsky presents HIV positions of Presidential contenders? posted at The Bilerico Project.

"Political divides in any country get in the way of public health. Kenya is now in uproar and the people are suffering and dying. What shame we should all feel", writes Mshairi about the post Blood Lust, on Mshairi.

Testing issues

Rachel presents Perspectives on Mandatory HIV Testing of Pregnant Women in New Jersey, a summary of reactions and viewpoints on this issue, posted at Our Bodies Ourselves.


Jim presents LifeLube: the blog: MRSA - Let's take care of ourselves & each other posted at LifeLube: the blog.


Dr. Rufus presents YouTube - HIV Replication 3D Animation posted at YouTube. Dr. Rufus' site includes numerous 3D illustrations of bodily mechanisms.

On Youtube, Batiswifey presents the Posi+ive HIV/AIDS prevention campaign video.

Living with HIV/AIDS

Mr. C presents Positive Living in a Negative World: The End of 2007, My Review posted at Positive Living in a Negative World.

"You don't need to understand God to recognize Grace" on Marc's Myspace blog.

“Here is how it happens, you go into the doctors to discuss treatment options and get the facts about such treatments so you know side effects, long term and short term things like that. The doctor has a strange look on his face. You know, the kind of look you'd get if you went to gynecologist for an ear ache”. Also on Myspace, Mike presents A news update.

On kickin tina, warrior scout presents dance hall days .


Joe.My.God presents Rethinking AIDS Spending, posted at Joe. My. God..

A Single Man presents Hey, come take a look at this on A Single Man: "musings, rants, heartaches & commentary from a soon-to-be widower after 24 years with a wonderful man".


Ron Hudson links to Annie Lennox Sing, saying: "I was unable to get permission from Annie Lennox' site, but I found this note on it about getting involved. I don't think that they will mind if we promote their project. Tell your friends, collegues, and everyone you know about .: SING :. and encourage them to find out fmore and get involved".


Jeremiah presents Tuesday thoughts, posted at The Evolution of Jeremiah.

"Universal peace, an end to hunger and poverty, cures to AIDS, heart disease and cancer, a clean and healthy environment, harmony in relationships and, most importantly, love and acceptance of ourselves could be a reality, if we can close the opportunity gap between what we do and what we are capable of doing". Jeremy Neal presents The Solution to all of the Worlds Problems, posted at Thoughts on Quotes.

Visual Art

2sides2ron features Farid de la Ossa's Male and Female Rebirth: Guest Artist Farid de la Ossa, "an acknowledgment for all those women of the world who have to redefine themselves starting with nothing in order to make it in life”.

Roadside billboard, Portugal, Jan 2008: "Seropositive: discover your power to reflourish" (photo: Dragonette).


Ron Hudson said...

Thank you so much for hosting, Dragonette. I am very grateful to you. I hope that the readers will leave you feedback.



warrior scout said...

i really wanted to thank you for hosting icp this month. it is so empowering to again be reminded that there is a larger part to hiv/aids, and not just my experiences. it somehow makes my journey less of a burden and more of an exploration.