Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I don't feel well, I was at the hosital for hours this morning, and 1 hour was spent on taking my blood, and they still didn't finish. Have to return next week to continue. I have just one vein that protrudes enough to take blood, but they were poking me everywhere, even though I showed them the right place initially, but after the blood stopped flowing from there, they had to try other points on that vein and other veins, to no avail. The blood just wouldn't leave my body and enter the pile of test tubes that was waiting for it. I got to a point where I was suggesting the veins on my feet, just like a hardcore junkie. I tried to relax and embrace the moment and not escape from the pricking sensations in my arms, that were amplified by the nurses jiggling the needle trying to encourage the blood to flow, didn't help either. In total they had to fill 14 test tubes, but they couldn't finish. It was the most awful feeling, even though the nurses were very nice, but they couldn't stop hurting me, and too many staff members were hovering around. I went to work afterwards, but felt too crap to stay there, had a binge containing the calories of 2 days' calorie intake at least, which didn't help, and went home.

In addition, I was disappointed with my CD4 count. In the last 3 months it has only gone up 10 points, which is basically nothing, doesn't mean anything (from 200 to 230 and then to 240, in 6 months).

I also found out that I was supposed to take Viread with fatty food. No one told me that. Maybe that's why my counts are still low. Who knows.

Crappity crap.


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Don't worry, I wasn't calling you a Drama Queen. But, anytime you want to come around and talk, I am here. Sorry to hear about your day.